Two golden sneaker awards are available, “THE TOP FUNDRAISING TEAM” and “THE TOP ATTENDANCE TEAM”.  Both are traveling awards, meaning they must be surrendered each year; however, your team could possibly win it again.  Each award will have a companion plaque displayed at the Mission with the winning team name and year engraved.

The 2017 Top Attendance  award went to Muncie Central National Honor Society with a total of 127walkers present.

The 2017 Top Fundraising award went to Mary's Merry Marchers with a total of $9,235 raised.

To qualify as a winner of the Top Fundraising Team award all funds must be turned into Muncie Mission business office or the registration area by 9 a.m., 2/10/18.  No exceptions.

To qualify as a winner of the Top Attendance Team award all team members must be in their assigned area by 9 a.m. event day for final count by a Muncie Mission representative.  No exceptions.